A pro-active approach, whether you’re 13 or 60, is how healthy skin remains beautiful skin. Follow these tips from Annet King, Director of Global Education at Dermalogica.

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skin in its 20s

Skin will still produce a good amount of sebum (oil) and will have a healthy cell turnover of about every 14-25 days. Breakouts may still be an issue, and you might start seeing fine lines around the eyes.

Skin is an excellent record keeper. Sunbathing, smoking, late nights and cocktails seem like a fun idea now, but that starlet lifestyle will show up on your skin 10 years from now.

daily routine

● PreCleanse helps lift make-up and debris, followed by either Special Cleansing Gel or Dermal Clay Cleanser/Clearing Skin Wash if you are oily and acne-prone.
● Start incorporating a gentle, daily exfoliant, such as Daily Microfoliant®, into your routine to clear follicles and keep skin fresh.
● Start to shield and protect the delicate eye tissue with Total Eye Care with SPF15.
● Apply a sunscreen every day to keep sun damage at a minimum and prevent hyperpigmentation (age spots). Solar Defense Booster SPF30 blends in with your moisturizer or foundation for a convenient SPF boost!

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